• UPDATE: 11/15/02 -- The Crystals are In!! Even we don't believe the quality and range of what was sent! We asked for DT's (Double Terminates), "Oddities", and "raw" (un acid-bathed), and what we got just blows our minds! I will be working all weekend to get pictures up but if you want the best pick, you need to stop by -- and soon!! I will be posting the images to CrystalHarvest.com, because this is really, truly an amazing harvest!
  • UPDATE: More Arkansas crystals due in this week, and next. Several shipments on order! HIGH GRADES!
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NEW We have opened a retail shop, Eclectia Hobbies/Rock Shop, in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh. It is primarily a Rock & Bead shop, but it ties together all our craft, hobby and collectible interests. We have a great selection of Origmi paper, collectible Sci-Fi Vehicle kits, Quilling and Mizuhiki papers, and much, much more.

We've not been sitting around doing nothing for the past 10 years, we've just forgotten to tell everyone about it! We'll be making a lot of noise in the coming weeks and months. Listen for it!

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